Executive Search Firm Services

For organisations to achieve their strategic goals and objectives, they must hire the right kind of people. When you want to hire the right people for the right job, you must consider their skills, experience, the right attitude and mind set as well as motivation to do what requires to be done in order to succeed. Hiring such people is usually a time consuming affair especially for top level management positions. However, Executive Search Firms and Recruitment Agencies can ensure that you get the most befitting individual for the position whether it is for permanent jobs or interim executive jobs.

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Services offered 

The agency will seek to understand the position you need to fill, why you need to fill it as well as the duration of time available to fill the vacancy. The organisation can provide the job description as well as the characteristics of the desired candidate or the recruitment agency can develop this in close collaboration with the organisation.

Once the profile of the desirable candidate has been finalised, the agency will check out the curriculum vitae of the people in their database to determine whether anyone meets the minimum requirements. Those who qualify will then be taken through a thorough recruitment process until the agency has a winner.

If there is no one in the database who qualifies, the agency may headhunt an individual or several, who they feel would be ideal for the position and take them through the rigorous selection process. In other cases, the job will be advertised through specific media- those that the potential ideal candidates use- and the normal selection process will follow.

In the case that the organisation had requested to meet with the top candidates before finalisation, these are presented and final decision is made. Otherwise the recruitment agency will just present the ideal candidate for the job.

Benefits of using Executive search and recruitment agencies

They provide a thorough approach to hiring where tie and resources are put in to ensure the best candidate is hired. This ensures that the candidate hired has the skills and experience requires and fits well into the organisational culture. Through tapping into their extensive network, the agencies are better placed to hire for executive positions.

Some of the agencies offer additional services such as carrying out salary surveys for the industry, negotiating salaries and benefits for the organisation, research in the talent acquisition and retention space and many more. These services can help the business retain top employees.